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Tuition – Stepping Stone Schools

All payments are done by auto pay through your credit or debit card on file. Registration requires an initial payment of a $38 registration fee per family and the first month’s tuition to reserve a space. There are no refunds or adjustments due to absences, however, make-ups are available in public studio locations with openings. Each month has the same tuition amount regardless of the days in the month as we have averaged the payments over the course of the year to create equal installment amounts. If you begin late then your tuition will be prorated.

Tuition Rates:

Preschool STORYTIME DANCE Curriculum ages 3-5 as of 8/30/23

Registration Fee: $38 upon registration

Tuition: $65 per monthly installment

Costume Fee: $55 (Charged Feb. 1st; to be worn at the recital in May)

Recital Hall Fee: $50 (Charged March 1st to cover recital hall rental and fees; recital tickets go on sale in May.)

Tuition is based on a school year calendar rate for an average of 41 class meetings. This is divided into 10 equal payments independent of how many class meetings there are in any given month. If your child joins after the first class then you will only be responsible for tuition from the first date attended and forward. Your initial tuition payment will be calculated by subtracting the number of days you have missed, multiplied by the cost per class, subtracted from the normal payment amount.