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Abacus Schools of Austin & Leander
Dance Discovery offers classes at the Abacus School of Austin & Leander with our professional studio staff. Our degreed teachers come to the school and teach in the studio on the Abacus School campus each week. Abacus students in Preschool STORYTIME DANCE™ Curriculum, Primary STORYTIME DANCE™ Curriculum and Hip Hop classes perform in our annual recital as well. Toddler Dance Expressions classes for 2 year olds are also offered on campus and they perform for their parents there at school.

Class Options

Class Name
Class Description
Age 2 at start of school year
Dance Expressions
This pre-ballet dance class is designed for students to take independently. Activities change every few minutes to keep the students engaged in gross & fine motor movements for dance.
Age 3-4
Preschool STORYTIME DANCE™ Curriculum: Ballet/Tap/Jazz/Creative Dance
This whole dance class is a story from beginning to end incorporating age-appropriate skills in ballet, jazz, creative movement, and tap. The dance class begins with a ballet story and then students repeat the ballet skills once more in the same order to traditional music. The story engages them on their level allowing them to learn more skills because they are actively focused for a longer period of time.
Age 5-7
Primary Hip Hop
A totally clean version of this structured form of street dance. Hip Hop teaches coordination, strength, rhythm, quickness, agility, and endurance. Students learn new moves each week! This challenging choreography keeps them focused and gives them a great work out too.

The 2024 Recital will be held May 28th-June 2nd, 2024.

Exact dates and location TBA


The following holidays allow for all class days of the week to meet an average of 41 times in the season. Make up classes are not needed for these holidays as they are not charged in tuition.

On-site childcare centers are continuous enrollment year-round.

First Day of 2023-2024 Schedule June 19, 2023

Closed for Summer Break July 1-7, 20223

Closed for Team Workshops Aug. 7-12, 2023

Closed for Labor Day Sept 2-4, 2023

Closed for Staff Development Sept 26, 2023

Closed for Presidents Day Oct 9, 2023

Thanksgiving: Nov 21-25, 2023

Closed for Winter Performances Nov 29-Dec 3, 2023

Closed for Winter Break Dec 21, 2023-Jan 3, 2024

Classes Resume Jan 4, 2024

Closed for MLK Jan 15, 2024

Closed for Studio Showcase Jan 31, 2024

Studio Closed Feb 19-23, 2024

Closed for Spring Break March 11-16, 2024

Closed for Holy Week March 28-31, 2024 

Closed for Staff training April15-18,2024

Closed for Musical Theater Show May 2-4, 2024

Memorial Day May 25-27, 2024

Recital TBA

Summer Breaks:

June 11-15, 2024
July 1-6, 2024
Aug 5-10, 2024

These are scheduled holidays for this dance session and are not included in the total number of class days or tuition. Please note that no refund will be due because classes are not being canceled for these dates. The central studio office staff also follow this calendar.

Parent Observation Days

Parents are invited to observe and participate in their child’s class for the last 30 minutes:

  • Parent Observation: Dec 11-16, 2023
  • Parent Observation Week/Toddler In-Class Recitals: May 18-24, 2023

Policies & Attire

Onsite Details:

  • New students welcomed! Registration is on-going for classes with openings.
  • Classes are one day a week for one hour (from pickup to drop-off) for Preschool STORYTIME DANCE Curriculum and Primary STORYTIME DANCE Curriculum. Hip Hop Dance classes are 40 minutes. Toddler Dance classes are 30 minutes one day a week (from pickup to drop-off).
  • Parents receive a weekly note home about their child’s class
  • Please label dance shoes and dance bag with child’s name. For morning classes, students should arrive to school on dance class days in their dance attire (unless they are potty training) with dance shoes in bag.
  • Dates: Continuous Enrollment (enrollment is closed during April & May for recital classes.)


Dance Expressions: Girls- leotard and socks, skirts are optional, pink leather ballet shoes. Boys- solid muscle shirt for boys with matching pants or shorts and black leather ballet shoes.

Preschool & Primary STORYTIME DANCE™ Curriculum: Girls- leotard and socks, skirts are optional, pink leather ballet shoes & black patent tap shoes. Boys- solid muscle shirt for boys with matching pants or shorts and black leather ballet shoes & black tap shoes with elastic or velcro across the top.

Hip Hop: Girls and boys need confortable clothing that they can stretch in that also covers the midriff. Black hip hop tennis shoes are also needed and can be purchased at our Avery Ranch Studio just behind CVS at Avery Ranch Blvd./W. Parmer Ln.


Dance Expressions
Age 2 by 5/31/23
Pre-Ballet-Prop Dancing-Gross Motor-Locomotor

Wednesday 10:05am – 10:35am
Abacus of Austin in Avery Ranch

Thursday 10:05am – 10:35am
Abacus of Leander in Crystal Falls

Preschool STORYTIME DANCE™ Curriculum
Age 3-5 by 5/31/23

Ballet-Tap-Jazz-Creative Movement

Wednesdays at 9:00am – 10:00am or 10:40-11:40
Abacus of Austin in Avery Ranch

Thursdays at 9:00am – 10:00am or 10:40-11:40am
Abacus of Leander in Crystal Falls

Primary STORYTIME DANCE™ Curriculum
Age 5-7 by 5/31/23
Ballet & Creative Movement

Mondays 3:45-4:15pm
Abacus of Austin in Avery Ranch

Register for this class


All payments are done by auto pay through your credit or debit card on file. Registration requires an initial payment of a $38 registration fee per family and the first month’s tuition to reserve a space. There are no refunds or adjustments due to absences, however, make-ups are available in public studio locations with openings. Each month has the same tuition amount regardless of the days in the month as we have averaged the payments over the course of the year to create equal installment amounts. If you begin late then your tuition will be prorated.

Dance Expressions Tuition: $56 per monthly installment Costume Fee: $65 (Charged Nov. 2nd; to be worn at the in class recital in May) Wed. mornings at Avery Ranch & Thursday mornings at Crystal Falls

Preschool STORYTIME DANCE™ Curriculum Tuition: $65 per monthly installment, Costume Fee: $75 (Charged Nov. 2nd; to be worn at the recital in May), Recital Hall Fee: $85 (Charged March 2nd to cover recital hall rental and fees) Wed. mornings at Avery Ranch & Thursday mornings at Crystal Falls

Avery Ranch Primary STORYTIME DANCE™ Curriculum Tuition: Ballet/Creative Movement Mon. 3:45-4:15;  Costume Fee: $75 per class (Charged Nov. 2nd to be worn at the recital in May), Recital Hall Fee: $85 (Charged March 2nd to cover recital hall rental and fees. Tickets available in May.)

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