Dance at Your Center

Policies & Attire – Stepping Stone Schools

Onsite Details:

  • New students welcomed! Registration is on-going for classes with openings.
  • Classes are one day a week for one hour (from pickup to drop-off) for Preschool STORYTIME DANCE Curriculum Ballet/Jazz. 
  • Parents receive a newsletter about what their child’s class is learning.
  • Students go home with a coloring page about what they learned each week.
  • Please label dance shoes and dance bag with child’s name. Students should arrive to school on dance class days in their dance attire (unless they are potty training) with dance shoes in bag.
  • Dates: Continuous Enrollment


Preschool STORYTIME DANCE Curriculum Ballet/Jazz: Girls- leotard and socks, skirts are optional, pink leather or canvas ballet shoes. Boys- solid muscle shirt for boys with matching pants or shorts and black leather or canvas ballet shoes. You can purchase shoes at the link below for boys and girls.