Dance at Your Center

Abacus Schools of Austin & Leander

Dance Discovery offers classes at the Abacus School of Austin & Leander with our professional studio staff. Our degreed teachers come to the school and teach in the studio on the Abacus School campus each week. Abacus students in Preschool STORYTIME DANCE™ Curriculum, Primary STORYTIME DANCE™ Curriculum and Hip Hop classes perform in our annual recital as well. Toddler Dance Expressions classes for 2 year olds are also offered on campus and they perform for their parents there at school.

Age Group Class Name Class Description
Age 2 at start of school year

Dance Expressions


This pre-ballet dance class is designed for students to take independently. Activities change every few minutes to keep the students engaged in gross & fine motor movements for dance.
Age 3-4 Preschool STORYTIME DANCE™ Curriculum: Ballet/Tap/Jazz/Creative Dance This whole dance class is a story from beginning to end   incorporating age appropriate skills in ballet, jazz, creative movement, and   tap. The dance class begins with a ballet story and then students repeat   the ballet skills once more in the same order to traditional music. The story   engages them on their level allowing them to learn more skills because they   are actively focused for a longer period of time.
Age   5-6

Primary STORYTIME DANCE™ Curriculum

Ballet & Creative Dance

Ballet dance traditionally tells a story, however dancers   usually tell the story with their bodies rather than with words.   This dance class begins with the teacher telling a ballet story as the   students demonstrate the traditional ballet skills. Then the students repeat   the
ballet skills once more without the words, using the French terminology and   classical music. This actively engages them in the ballet skills for a longer   period of time.