Tuition & Fees


Base Rate Tuition Installment Amount Charged Monthly Year-Round Tuition
weekly classes:
1 class weekly 75
2 classes weekly (total time under 2 hours) 99
Bulk Class Rates
weekly hours:
2 130
2.5 155
2.75 165
3 184
3.5 192
4 200
4.5 225
5 245
5.5 265
5.75 275
6 305
6.5 342
7 385
7.25 400
7.5+ 415
Company* 415
Monthly fee for any 2nd Team for one student  2nd team rehearsal  for any child adds $40/mo to the rate of the total hours taken weekly above
Additional Fees for All Youth Classes  School Year Only   School Year Only
Class Level Recital fee-per child: Charged March 1st Costume Fee – per class: Charged Oct. 1st
Dance Expressions N/A $47
Preschool, Primary, Pre-Hip Hop, Primary $75 $64
All Dance Styles Level 1+ and Teams $75 $74
Pointe $75 $74 is a deposit towards total

Musical Theatre Production Fee             $78 deposit                                           $78 balance
(Production fee goes towards the rental of the theaters, paying for the rights of the musical, sound equipment, costuming, props, set design and 2 free tickets to the shows)

55 minute classes count as one hour on the rate table.

*Hourly rate table does not apply to Company classes.

Registration Fee for School Year Only: $50 for the 1st child; $25 for each additional sibling (only applies to first 3 siblings)

Tuition is based on yearly lump sum amount and is broken into even monthly tuition installment payments.

Early Pay Off Discount for Fall/Spring: Pay for the full 12 installments up front and waive your registration fee

Private Lessons $75/hr

All fees are nonrefundable once paid

No adjustments are given for missed classes, however make up classes may be scheduled in the office during the current season, as space allows. NO MAKE UP CLASSES SCHEDULED DURING THE MONTHS OF DEC. & MAY.

We prorate tuition for late registration.