ZOffers a balanced curriculum providing for both technical training and creative exploration in each area of study.
ZDevelops skills for the contemporary dancer that provide for a healthy body alignment.
ZProvides a professional atmosphere of accelerated training for those interested in classes at the pre-company and company levels
ZInvites eligible students to audition for a Petrichor Dance Alliance team
ZOffers recreational classes for dancers ages 2 to 18
ZMeets students where they are with active, sensory-oriented activities for toddlers
ZEngages dancers with imaginative story lessons for preschool and young primary students
ZTeaches collaborative choreography work for upper-level students

Our aim…

…is to teach dance from the INSIDE OUT, fostering each student’s natural love for dance while training him or her in a variety of dance techniques and providing a positive, professional studio environment for our community.

Our teaching philosophy…

We believe strongly in the teacher-student relationship. Our instructors are positive, encouraging, grounded educators that hold a college degree in dance, education, theatre, music, or a related field of study. All of our instructors receive training in our Storytime Dance curriculum for young children which is based on the knowledge of developmentally appropriate practice for young children. Instructors of older children & teens also participate in continuing education workshops and performing arts conventions several times a year. Our professional instructors inspire skill, character & determination that will last their students a lifetime. Read their bios here.

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