Avery Ranch Studio

Fine Arts Academy T/Th

Tues/Thurs 9:00 am – 2:00 pm Ages 3-5 as of December 2016preschool-dance

Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Creative Movement, Visual Art, Drama & Music

Fine Arts Academy August 22nd, 2015 – June 4th, 2016

Tues/Thurs     9:00-2:00     Ages 3-5

Registration:  Monthly installments are $250. Registration fee is $50.  FIRST MONTH’S TUITION AND REGISTRATION FEE MUST BE PAID UPFRONT TO HOLD A SPACE IN THIS PROGRAM.

Costume fee is $64 charged Oct. 1. Recital fee is $75 charged March 1.

Ratio: 2:12 or 1:10    Students must be age 3 by Dec. 31st 2016.


creative-movementStudents will learn classical skills in tap, jazz, ballet, and yoga stretches. They will be trained by professional dancers with college degrees in their field. The STORYTIME DANCE curriculum will be used to extend their attention spans for a full hour of instructions each day. A wide variety of props will be incorporated to elicit the creative expression needed for developing choreography skills. Students will perform in the Spring Dance Recital.


Music & Theatre

We will learn songs, and play a wide variety of instruments. Students will also be encouraged   to create their own songs and instruments. They will incorporate musical theater into their year end production singing and dancing to Broadway tunes. Students enjoy hearing a story each day and acting it out as a group as well as using personal characterization.


FAACreative Writing & Visual Art

Daily journal time is structured through the daily performing arts theme. Children free draw in their journals daily as they work toward writing and acting out their own stories for theatre.
Students are given open ended projects on a daily basis in visual art. No one’s art will come home looking the same. Creative expression is always encouraged through a wide variety of artistic media. Students will have the opportunity to display their artwork in the Academy’s Art Show.


Children enjoy dramatic play  as they act out stories and scenes from their favorite books and movies. Students create their own Theatrical play and act it out at the end of the season.




Academy Art Show at studio

Visual Arts


Theatre Production at studio

Theatre & Music

May 21-22

Dance Recital at Scottish Rite Theatre