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Jewish Community Center of Austin

Jewish Community Center Austin

Coming this fall 2017
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Toddler Dance (age 2 as of Aug. 31)
These pre-ballet classes are multi-sensory, incorporating creative movement skills along with stretching exercises & gross motor movements. Students explore rhythm through marching, galloping, and leaping. Instruments, streamers, bean bags and other props are used throughout the class to engage tactile toddlers.

Preschool Storytime™ Dance (ages 3-4 as of Aug 31)
This curriculum was designed by our child-development specialist and is based on current human development research. Just as ballet tells a story in the theatre, each class takes students through proper execution of ballet, tap, creative movement, and jazz techniques by using a story to tie the entire hour together. This keeps students engaged longer while they relish in the joy of movement. Dance education and technique is accelerated through our specialized curriculum.

Primary Storytime™ Dance (5-6 yr as of Aug 31)
Ballet dance traditionally tells a story, however dancers   usually tell the story with their bodies rather than with words.   This dance class begins with the teacher telling a ballet story as the   students demonstrate the traditional ballet skills. Then the students repeat   the ballet skills once more without the words, using the French terminology and   classical music. This actively engages them in the ballet skills for a longer   period of time. This is followed by jazz, creative movement, and tap dance skills.

Pre- Hip Hop Age 3-Pre K
Hip Hop  K-2nd
A totally clean version of this structured form of street   dance. This high energy class teaches coordination, strength, rhythm, flexibility, agility, and endurance.

Level I Dance Combo (7-9yr as of Aug 31)
This course teaches classical ballet, tap, and jazz. Students also learn to choreograph their own movement through structured creative movement exercise.  This classic dance combo class gives students a firm foundation in terminology and technique for both contemporary and classical dance.

Contemporary (6-9yr as of Aug 31)
This mix of modern dance styles encourages a healthy body alignment for the contemporary dancer. Students dance barefoot as they engage their spines and learn modern dance techniques inducing parallel positions, leaps, turns, floor work, and the creative use of space, force and time.