Lunch at the Theatre 10:15-1:15

This preschool theatre program allows children the opportunity to be a part of a dance and theatre community each week. They bring their lunch to the studio and experience the activities below. Most students also choose to take dance directly before or after the program so that they can make a day of being at the studio for three hours.

Acting Out Books
Creating Stories
Writing & Drawing
Visual Art
Dramatic Play
Playing Instruments
Making Instruments
Creating Theatrical Plays and acting them out in the group!

3 hours a week for our special monthly pricing: $130.00 monthly:

Monday 10:15-11:15 Preschool Dance
Monday 11:15-1:15 Lunch at the Theatre


Testimonials from Parents:

“I am so glad I chose Lunch at the Theatre with Cherami for my daughter. Cherami is a gifted teacher, and is so sweet and loving with each child. The children enjoy eating lunch together while Cherami reads a story or practices letters and numbers with them. They love the theatre portion where they act out a story together. Everyone gets to play the part they want (roles are often shared), and those who don’t want to participate are welcome to be the audience. During the art portion they are often inspired by the story they acted in class and it is reflected in the art they create. I am very impressed with the quality of the in-studio theatre performance at the end of the year. It is well rehearsed and the children participated enthusiastically. My child misses Lunch at the theatre now that she has started kindergarten. I would recommend this superb program to any preschool parent.”

“Both of my daughters have participated in Lunch at the Theater program at Dance Discovery and we couldn’t be happier. The success of this program is no doubt due in part to the talents of Ms. Cherami. She is not only an amazingly skilled dance instructor, but she is also a “natural” with pre-school kids. She’s patient, open-minded, gentle, and fun, letting the girls explore new ideas and their creative insights at their own pace. My husband and I entrust our children to very few people, and Ms. Cherami is at the top of the list! If you’re at all looking for a way to extend your daughter’s dance experience, Lunch at the Theater with Ms. Cherami is the way to go!”

“We are so happy we found Ms. Cherami and the Dance Discovery lunch at the theatre program. Our 5 year old absolutely loved her time in the program last year. She looked forward to attending each and every week, and even counted down the days each week until it was time to go. This year our 3 year old is in Ms. Cherami’s class, which she loves and is thriving in. We have high expectations for the types of programs we choose for our kids. We want them to be able to learn and practice new skills, but also be in a comfortable and low-stress environment that lets them be kids. This program exceeded our expectations. Ms. Cherami is warm, kind, patient, and understanding, while also maintaining a classroom atmosphere that supports learning and focus. We recommend the program highly!”