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Avery Ranch Dance & Music Policies & Procedures

TUITION: Your tuition charge is for the total number of classes based on your enrollment dates divided into equal installments. All studio closures have been factored into your tuition. 3 makeups are allowed August-March as availability allows. 1 day of Fine Arts Academy equals 2 hours of dance makeups or 1 day in Mondays 3 hour Dance & Drama Combo. All tuition and fees are nonrefundable & nontransferable. After 7 days, a $30 late fee will be charged to any balances.

PAYMENTS: Payment is done through our secure, online registration page. Registration fee and monthly tuition installment are required for each student. Continuous enrollment waives annual registration fee. Your on-file credit/debit card will be charged on the 25th of each month, every month, year-round and continuing season after season.

CANCELLATION: We require a 30 day WRITTEN notice to the office before we can drop your child from any class. The tuition payoff amount will be calculated for the 30 days after the form is received and will be charged within 3 days of WRITTEN notice. Due to recital preparation, no drops may be made for the month of May. The last day to put in drop notification is April 1st.

Continuous Enrollment Dancers will be enrolled in the class level recommended by their teacher(s) each May if a parent has not given a written drop notification, yet has not selected class(es).

Exemplary Examples Our Studio believes strongly in providing an environment of adults that exhibit exemplary, family friendly behavior for our students. Adults that use inappropriate behavior in the studio including, but not limited to; cursing, yelling or being disrespectful to staff may lose their child’s right to be registered in our studios both now and in the future seasons.

Communication I understand that ARDM (Avery Ranch Dance and Music) communicates primary through email. I agree to maintain a working email and check it regularly. ARDM is not responsible for situations that may arise due to my not reading email.

Pick Up & Drop Off I understand that I am not required to stay during dance class, and I agree to pick up my child from inside the studio promptly at the end of class or at the pick up/drop off in back if class participates. The studio staff cannot be responsible for supervising children before or after classes. For their safety, please do not have children meet you at your car or drop off in front of the studio.

Dress code I agree that my child will adhere to each class’s dress code by the second class, which may require purchasing required midriff covering dancewear and dance shoes.

Viewing Window Distractions I understand that videoing, taking photos, waiving, or calling attention to my child through the viewing window is distracting for the class. Thus, I agree to refrain from these actions.

Recital Required MARK YOUR CALENDARS Dancers have Mandatory Recital & MUST attend dress rehearsal to perform. Any dancers performing in the recital MUST attend the dress rehearsal and their accounts must be current, including their May 25th tuition installment prior to performing. (One-day camps and special programming do not participate in the recital.)

Sunday & Weekday Evening Recitals. Your recital may be on a Sunday or a weekday evening. If your child cannot participate on a Sunday due to a religious conflict, please inform the office through email. Accommodation cannot be guaranteed.

Costume Fee and Recital Fee or Production Fee All dance classes will have a costume fee for each class enrolled and a recital fee per child for the Spring Performance. Musical Theatre classes will have production fees. Dance Recital fees are shared community fees used for the theatre rental and hiring of professional lighting and sound engineers, etc. Musical Theatre Production fees are shared community fees used for theatre rental, hiring of professional lighting, sound engineers, and techs, rental of sound equipment, rental of costumes, purchasing the rights to the musical, scenery, and props, etc. Toddler Dance will perform at the studio & classes without costumes do not perform, so no recital fee is due.

Late Registration Costumes Anyone registering after December will likely not receive his or her costume at the same time as everyone else, and may need to borrow a costume on photo day. Costumes will be distributed upon receipt from the costume manufacturer, which could be days before the recital performance.

Risk of Physical Injury I understand that all activities with Avery Ranch Dance and Music have a risk of physical injury. Dance Discovery is not a licensed childcare facility.

Disease Control I understand the children may not attend class within 24 hours of fever or vomiting and all open sores must be covered completely; no lice or nits.

Medical Consent If I cannot be reached to make arrangements for emergency medical care for my child at the time of an illness or accident, I give my permission for Avery Ranch Dance and Music staff to make arrangements. I give consent for any and all emergency treatment when my child is in the care of this physician, hospital, or clinic: Hospital or Clinic: Dell Children’s Hospital, 4900 Mueller Austin TX 78723, 512-324-0150, And / Or I give Avery Ranch Dance and Music the option (if necessary) of choosing a hospital or clinic.

Photography – Video Avery Ranch Dance and Music has my permission to photograph and videotape my child during classes and performances. I agree that these images of my child may be used for ongoing public advertisements. Due to the distraction to the class, parents are only allowed to video or photograph when invited inside the studio for parent observation days. Please do not stand in/near the window, nor take pictures or video through the window.

Policies Subject To Change I understand that Avery Ranch Dance and Music has the right to change these policies at any time and I will be emailed policy change notifications.

RELEASE of LIABILITY– I agree to release and hold harmless Michelle Denny, Avery Ranch Dance & Music, and Dance Discovery of Austin LLC, its instructors and assistants, City of Austin Theatres, Saint Andrew Episcopal School, St. Michaels Catholic Academy, Scottish Rite Theater, Goodwin Management, and Stone Crest Investments from any liabilities including accidents, injuries or other occurrences that may be sustained by the participants and/or the undersigned, while in or upon the premises or any premises under the control and supervision of Dance Discovery of Austin, LLC or its owners and operators or in route to or from any said premises. I understand that with any physical activity injury may occur.




With a signed waiver, we can offer you free pick up and drop off with Kidspa next door when students are registered at Kidspa Austin.