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Classes & Workshops at Studio East

Students ages 3-5 develop creative drama skills through storytelling, collaborative story creation and re-enacting! This acting class is an opportunity for preschool students to strengthen their communication and cooperation skills.

Rather than memorizing lines, students work as a group to act out and develop age appropriate ideas. They learn to both identify and express emotions through acting. Bring your own healthy lunch and enjoy creating a show with us each week!

This preschool theatre program allows children the opportunity to be a part of a dance and theatre community each week. They bring their lunch to the studio and experience the activities below. Feel free to take Preschool Dance class prior to Drama for free.

Acting out Books
Creating Stories
Group Acting
Creating Theatrical Plays and acting them out in the group!

Monday 11:15-1:15 Drama

Come early to add Preschool Dance 10:15-11:15

Monday Morning Special $130.00/month for all Monday AM classes (see director for details 512-658-2996)