Avery Ranch Recitals

 Photo Credit: Violet Crown Photo Works –

Video Credit: Triad Media –

Our spring 2023 Recital will be held at St. Michael’s Catholic Academy.

3000 Barton Creek Blvd, Austin, TX 78735

To find more information on your dancer’s recital, please refer to the color-coded images below and follow the links for further costume information.
Note- your call time is listed as 15 minutes before the start of your dancer’s show.


SLICKED BACK; straight part down the middle, low ponytail. Here is a tutorial on how to create the perfect ponytail. Just follow instructions on the video through the ponytail part. You don’t have to make a bun, but everyone should have sleek hair with no fly-aways.

Magenta Show

Call time at venue: 11:30am

Lime Show

Call time at venue: 1:15pm

Aqua Show

Call time at venue: 3:00pm

Teal Show

Call time at venue: 4:45pm

Gold Show

Call time at venue: 6:30pm

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